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What Exactly Is Famanon?

A fellowship of family members and friends that suffer from consequences of other person's substance abuse, or connected behavioural issues across the world is called Families Anonymous. Different Fam Anon member groups in various locations across the county meet frequently. Even if the issue is only suspected, any worried individual is stimulated to attend these gatherings.

Several families in the UK founded Family Anonymous in 1971. They started their first group in London in 1980, and now around 50 groups are working in different areas of the country.

The Fam Anon is a self-sustained organisation which methods are based on the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions programme created by Alcoholics Anonymous.

How Can We Help?

The group's goal is to support families and friends of persons with the present, potential or past drug related issues by offering mutual support and a place to share experiences and concerns. This group facilitates our members to figure out that how to grapple with the issues which are disturbing and affecting your lives.

Assistance for the family and friends is a great help for the addict as well and this is proven by practice and experience.

Embracing a straight and unwavering approach with the addict is what members learn when they attend these gatherings. This type of relationship often influence the addict and makes him/her want to live drug-free life.

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Drug dependency is a common thing in today's world which in most cases bring chaos to the addict's life, but also to the lives of the addict's friends and families. Watching dependency take control of their loved ones without the ability to help usually causes physical, emotional and psychological suffering for those that have kids or other family members with a substance addiction'Dealing with these suffering individuals might be too hard for you. Families Anonymous helps parents, companions, spouse and relatives.

FamAnon is a worldwide organisation of friends and families of the addicts and persons with behavioural issues. Fam Anon was founded by a group of families in Los Angeles in 1971 and it is based on the 12 Steps programme from the Alcoholic Anonymous. In London, the initial group in the UK was founded in 1980 and now there are around 50 groups across the nation.

Main emphasis of Fam Anon program is support of families to adjust and cope with addiction. It offers a path to tranquillity and to getting their lives back on track for these people.

Families Anonymous works in different ways. Its core strength originates from sharing of general issues. Meetings and memberships are entirely free of charge. Fam Anon does not request or acknowledge any financing from different outside organisation. Volunteers run the office and contributions from meetings and sale of Fam Anon literature cover the day to day office management running costs.

Fam Anon program activities are limited to first name use only.

Attendees try to understand how to cope with the issues that are disrupting their lives in these Fam Anon groups.

At the gatherings, members are influenced to have an honest and open relationship with the addict. That often causes them to understand that the addict needs assistance to live a drug-free life.

Successful individual withdrawal from substance addiction depends on the support and encouragement of family members' continuous assistance.

Who doesn't know about FamAnon, the copies of important literature are available at reasonable prices to experts like you, who are in a position to contact in pain.